Hey everyone!

Welcome to The Black Wok. This is my blog site which I will abuse to rant on about food! I love food. I honestly cannot stress how much I love food.

In this blog you will find:

Recipes 🙂

All my recipes are ones I have made before so theres no need to worry that I didn’t just mindlessly copied them out. Usually, I would have altered them so that they are either less difficult to make, simpler or they taste better. Some of them are also my own recipes or recipes from my family.

I have a wide range of food recipes so you’ll hopefully be suprised everytime you read into my blog!

Food Fests 😀

A Food Fest (FF) is blog which I do sporadically when I have time to match up a 3 course meal (hopefully with breverage!). It usually consists of an entrèe, main course and a dessert.

Reviews 😛

If I have time to go eat out, I’ll tell you about it. By the way, I am in Sydney (Australia) so don’t expect me to go anywhere far.

Tips :O

Tips for all those hard-to-manage dishes, how to use bizaar ingredients and all those odd facts.

My goal for this year is to inspire people to start/continue/learn to cook for recreational reasons – not just because they have to.

My long term goal is to convince everyone to love food the way I do.

Let’s hope I get to these goals!

Happy Eating!

Whitney Duan (obsessive foodie)

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